The Return of the Giant Rabbini

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Thursday, 2017, August 3 (All day) to Wednesday, 2017, August 16 (All day)

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You’ve driven away the giant Rabbini from Hakain’s Crossing, but he’s come back for some revenge! Lucius Volifax Rabbini has returned to wreak havoc to the peaceful lands of Hakain’s Crossing and you must stop him once again! Two new repeatable daily quests named “[Event] Rabbini Onslaught” have been added to NPC Chase at Victory Plaza of Hakain’s Crossing. Rabbini Mobs will now spawn in the field and are part of the event quests. Complete these quests and receive Victory Coins. Victory Coins can be exchanged from Chase’s event store for amazing prizes!

See the items you can exchange Victory Coins for below.

Warrens Treasure Trove



Victory Coin

Lv. 160 Tempering Stone (2 Pack)

Used for tempering equipment.


Legendary Familiar Seal Token

Changes the attributes of legendary and lower sealed familiars. Fixed attributes will not be changed.


Shining 30% Elite Tempering Stone

Used for tempering equipment.


Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll

Transforms heroic and below pets back into mounts. The target pet must be at least 1 level below you.


Legendary Mount Scroll

A scroll that can transform legendary pet familiars into mounts, so as loong as their level is at least 1 below yours.



Lucious Volifax Rabbini will be respawning every hour, and because of the previous encounter, he is much weaker and easier to take down!